For over 30 years, we have developed a suite of IT solutions for Chiropractic and small medical practices with some of the most innovative features in the industry.

Our suite includes Practice Management Software, Scheduling and Appointment Reminders, Cloud/Backup, SOAP Notes/Electronic Medical Records, Patient Statements, Billing Services, and Patient Marketing/Communication Services.

Our goal is to make your practice more money by increasing efficiency and patient volume while decreasing costs.

Appointment List Navigation Screenshot


Our SOAP notes software presents you with your most relevant patients by providing a list of all today’s appointments with the option of using the Same As Last Time (SALT) feature.

Pinpoint Pain Points

The list of problem areas is filterable using a clickable image.

By clicking on the lower back portion of the image, the list of problems will be narrowed down. You also have the ability to customize the problem, area, severity, and frequency.

Problem Page Screenshot
SOAP note list view screenshot

Memos Make Priorities Clear

The SOAP notes tab of the patient chart has a convenient memo for critical details and a quick preview of what’s inside each note.

Create EHR Quickly & Easily

Quickly and easily build a SOAP note by clicking options from the customizable library.

SOAP note builder screenshot
Custom library tool screenshot

Customize Your Notes

You can customize your entire SOAP note library to put everything in your own words.

1 Program = Complete Solution

This is the home/launch screen of Doctors Access Practice Management.

You can see all the main functions are present with several in-depth setup options in the drop-down menus.

Navigation bar screenshot
Calendar view screenshot

Your Schedule in a Glance

This is the appointment scheduler screen.

You can customize to have multiple schedules for each provider, including the number of columns, default time increments, unlimited reasons, as well as a direct link to the patient’s chart from their appointment.

All Your Patient Data in 1 Place

This is the patient screen.

It is divided up into 4 separate tabs:

  • Demographics
  • Insurance
  • Diagnosis
  • Visits
Patient data view screenshot
From here all the specific visit details can be seen and entered. Utilizing this screen will increase your productivity because it is thoughtfully laid out and easy to learn and understand.

Most practices only require 1 short training and can begin entering new patients, visits, and uploading claims to the Clearinghouse.

Mouseover Notes

Mouseover Notes

One of our most loved features is the mouseover note functionality you get from the memo screen. Without having to click into every patient, you can quickly see all of the most important information to your practice.

Of course, the information displayed is fully customizable, like everything else in our software suite!

Best Customer Support

The Best Customer Support!

We absolutely pride ourselves on having the best customer support in the industry!

Our software is very easy to learn but if you need additional training or technical support at any point, we are ready and willing to help!

Our software will save your practice time and money if you are using it properly.

…And we will make sure you are!